The Best Frozen Bananas Recipe: These Easy & Delicious Frozen Honey & Yogurt Bananas May Start a Family Feud by Chef Gigi

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2 years ago

The Best Frozen Bananas Recipe: These Easy & Delicious Frozen Honey & Yogurt Bananas May Start a Family Feud

These frozen honey and yogurt bananas are so good, they just may start a family feud if you don't make enough of them to go around. I'm not kidding! This easy and delicious frozen bananas recipe is addictive, so make sure you make plenty to share with everyone (or stockpile them in the freezer)!

Cuisine: American
Prep Time: 15 minutes
Cook Time: 0 minutes
Total Time: 15 minutes plus freezing time

Servings: 2


Here's how to make them:

  1. Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper (one that can fit in your freezer – go make room now; you will thank me later).
  2. Mix the yogurt with the honey in a gallon food storage bag with the sides rolled back so you can get in and out of the bag (you know how I love no additional cleanup).
  3. Cut bananas in bite-sized chunks (or leave whole, your choice).
  4. With a fork or craft stick inside of each piece, gently dip banana chunks in the yogurt, completely coating.
  5. Add toppings over a paper plate for easy cleanup. Freeze at least 1 hour.

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Donna John
These look amazing, Chef Gigi Gaggero! My grandson is here today and I have everything to make these. Thanks for the fun idea!
Chef Gigi
Donna John now we can have dessert for breakfast! Yay! He will love them! Enjoy!
Donna John
Built my grandson's self-esteem today by making your frozen bananas together, @chefgigi. He loved them! Also made my brigadeiros. We couldn't swim because of rain so cooked together instead.
Chef Gigi
Donna John - i'm so glad I am seeing this now instead of earlier in the day - because today on Twitter when I saw that photograph of this recipe next to your grandson right next to the yogurt dipped banana - it took me a minute - after I clicked off of it - it hit me- I almost fell out of my seat ! Was such a wonderful surprise to see that you actually prepared one of my recipes. I'm truly honored and thanks again for the snapshot ! HE IS ADORABLE ! TY
Donna John
Why would you be surprised, Chef Gigi Gaggero? Your recipes are amazing! Chicken nuggets and Korean pancakes are now on my radar now.
Chef Gigi
Awe!!!!!! 🙏🏻😘 Donna John
Gave the wrong email. It is bonniejbstevens@gmail for Bonnie thanks so much. Cannot wait to make the frozen bananas.
Elisa Schmitz
These look beyond amazing! I'm so excited to make these for all the banana lovers over here! Thank you, Chef Gigi Gaggero! And yes, Donna John's grandson is unbelievably cute!!
Donna John
I ate the last one for breakfast this morning. If I was eating a banana and a cup of yogurt, I wouldn't have thought anything, but made this way, I felt like I was eating dessert for breakfast. Loved it! A great way to start my Friday! Chef Gigi Gaggero Elisa All 30SecondMom
Chef Gigi
Donna John Elisa All 30SecondMom EXCELLENT! See- this is how to get the kids to eat nutritious on the go! Love success stories !

@Bon hi- not sure what the email is for ? Lemme know !

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