How to Make Homemade Butter in 10 Minutes or Less by Chef Gigi

How to Make Homemade Butter in 10 Minutes or Less

Want your kids to contribute to the family meal and learn a little about science in the process? Make butter! Yes, cream turning into butter is science!

You’ll need:

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Add the cream and a marble or two to your mason jar.
  2. Cover the jar tightly and shake like crazy! (It's all in the wrist!)
  3. Drain on a paper towel.
  4. Add salt, to taste.
  5. Grab the fresh bread and serve!

The time will depend on how much butter you’re making. For a 1/2 cup of cream, it takes about 10 minutes. The liquid will stiffen into whipped cream quickly, then it’ll seem like you’re at a standstill. Keep shaking, and all of a sudden the butter will separate from the water. 

*A baby food jar is good for small children and a quart mason jar works well for older kids. Make sure the jar can hold triple the amount of liquid you have. If you want to make butter from a 1/2 cup of cream, you should use a 1-quart mason jar.

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Donna John
Love, love, love this idea, Chef Gigi Gaggero! And again, why do kids get to have all the fun? I'll use this as my arm workout! :-)
Chef Gigi
You are cracking me up! Donna John It is a workout - you can get your arms in shape while making dinner! After all- we are Moms- multitasking is our thing! 💪🏼
Christine Jones
Love this idea Chef Gigi Gaggero! My son made butter in his class this year and said it was yummy! I didn't realize I could make it easily with him at home. Thanks so much for this idea!
Chef Gigi
Chrissy Jones love to hear that schools are incorporating some culinary education to our littles! It is SO easy and now he's an expert -- so he can teach back! (LOVE living learning )- can't wait to hear about the two of making this together!
Jan Mostrom
Can the marbles ever break the jar Chef Gigi Gaggero? Sounds like great fun AND a great workout:)
Chef Gigi
Jan Mostrom no the marbles won't break the jar if you use a "mason jar " or a baby food jar! Kid tested for sure! You know what that means! 😳
Mei Marcie
What cream is it? Is it possible to make your own almond and peanut butter this way? I recently (finally) found almond butter and it's expensive (and no salt added), ... so sinful me added peanut butter to the 'tasteless' almond butter, and put on weight (1kg) since doing that for a week BUT with the added bonus of muscles suddenly showing (I do workout, but muscles never show) AND of course, the satisfaction of the almond+peanut butter on butter toasted bread!
p.s. one slice only! lol
Chef Gigi
Mei Marcie Hi Mei! I really want to say yes- but butter contains milk fat -when paired w Air - well - it puffs and explodes and water separates and leaves butter . Something I'm Not sure can be accomplished w Nuts :( Almond butter is called that because it's processed we should really call it Almond pesto . Sad but true.
Chef Gigi
I started subbing w Avocado try it Mei Marcie
Tiffany Zook
You can also add sugar& cinnamon , or onion and chive, makes a wonderful homemade butter.

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