How to Keep Iced Coffee Drinks Full of Flavor! It's So Easy! by Pamela Allen

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2 years ago
How to Keep Iced Coffee Drinks Full of Flavor! It's So Easy!

When you want to make iced coffee drinks taste like they were made at your favorite coffee bar, the most important element is flavor. The easiest way to retain the full taste of your coffee is by using coffee to make the ice cubes. Use the same coffee beans for both the drink and the ice cubes or create a blend by using different types.

  • Brew your coffee.
  • Let the coffee cool slightly.
  • Fill your ice cube tray with the fresh coffee.
  • Freeze.

Add the coffee cubes to a mug and fill with your favorite coffee! For more ideas about refreshing coffee drinks, click here!

Donna John
I'm not a coffee drinker, Pamela Allen, but you've got me thinking that I could do this with my chai lattes. Mmmm. Know Elisa All 30SecondMom loves her chai as well! Great tip!
Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds
Oh, what a great idea, Pamela Allen! And you are SO right, Donna John - you know me very well, LOL! xoxo
Chef Gigi Gaggero
Pamela Allen I use coffee as my pre workout ! I'm SO doing this! TY !!!🏋
Kelli Schulte
Pamela Allen love this idea! Now, where did I put those ice cube trays....
Meredith Schneider
Brilliant idea! LOL Kelli Schulte I need to buy ice cube trays. Coffee Cheers! xo ;)
Mei Marcie
Then add the frozen coffee cubes to coffee? Must the coffee be the same type or different to taste better? Just wondering, and with milk does it still taste good? Pamela Allen
Pamela Allen
It still tastes good with milk, the coffee ice cubes keep it from tasting diluted. I often combine espresso with ice cubes from a bold brewed coffee, it's delicious. You might want to look at the flavor notes to find your favorite combinations.
Roxana Oliver
yuuum! My favorite is double shot of espresso over a lot of ice and just a splash of milk. When I'm in coffee shops I add a splash of hazelnut sirup (I knooow, bad for you). Back in Oz I had my favorite coffee supplier and since I live in Europe now, I miss that particular taste. But hey - Europeans have great coffee as well.

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