Recipe Review: Tasty on Buzzfeed’s Swedish Meatball Pasta Dish by Donna John

a year ago
Recipe Review: Tasty on Buzzfeed’s Swedish Meatball Pasta Dish

Stomach sensitivity to dairy. That’s what I would say my husband has, not a straight out lactose intolerance. So when I saw this kind-of-like-beef-stroganoff pasta dish (his favorite) from Tasty that didn’t have sour cream in it (big no-no!), I jumped on it and deemed that it should be the dish I make him for our wedding anniversary. And…

It was really good! I made it pretty much to the recipe. OK, just one change: I didn’t measure the salt and pepper. To me, 1/2 a tablespoon sounded like an awful lot of pepper. For health reasons, we’re watching our salt intake so I just added that to taste. Same with the pepper.

The finished product was creamy, had depth of flavor and was something I would definitely consider a comfort meal. Kind of a Hamburger Helper in a tuxedo? Yes, but what’s wrong with that? The parmesan cheese upped the dish to worthy of being served with a glass of wine. 

Will I make it again? Yes! Definitely a keeper! 

Get the recipe here!

Christine Jones
You've sold I need to try!

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