Still Have Leftover Thanksgiving Turkey? 25 Recipe Ideas to Make With It by Donna John

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10 months ago
Still Have Leftover Thanksgiving Turkey? 25 Recipe Ideas to Make With It

I’m sure Benjamin Buford Blue of Forrest Gump would agree, there’s lots to do with leftover turkey! There’s… 

  1. turkey noodle soup
  2. turkey salad
  3. turkey a la king
  4. turkey tacos
  5. stuffing and turkey paninis
  6. turkey stroganoff
  7. turkey shepherd’s pie
  8. turkey potpie
  9. turkey pho gà
  10. turkey and dumplings
  11. turkey meatballs
  12. turkey fried rice
  13. turkey enchiladas
  14. turkey sloppy joes
  15. turkey chili
  16. turkey stir fry
  17. turkey wraps
  18. orange-glazed turkey breast
  19. turkey tetrazzini
  20. glazed turkey breast
  21. turkey cobb salad
  22. turkey hash
  23. Greek lemon soup with shredded turkey
  24. turkey lasagna
  25. turkey pizza

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Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
Great list, Donna John . I still have turkey left. Hmm!
Bri Montoya
Just when I thought "what's better than a leftover turkey sandwich?" I read this...
Donna John
Let us know what you try, Bri Montoya !

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