Only Have One Oven? 6 Tips to Help When Cooking Big Meals! by Eirene Heidelberger

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11 months ago
Only Have One Oven? 6 Tips to Help When Cooking Big Meals!

Our home only has one oven, yet every year I make all of the holiday dinner fixings. Here’s how! 

  • Write down everything you’re making at what temperature and for how many minutes they need to bake. 
  • Write down goal times for when dinner is served. 
  • Create a spreadsheet with these parameters. 
  • When you need to bake at three different temps, average them and go for it, rotating on the oven racks and checking often.
  • Think about using your microwave, toaster oven and the grill! 
  • Make friends with your neighbors and walk over a side dish they won't mind sharing oven space with!

But above all, enjoy the time with your family!

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