montgomery trading post - When Kameron Searle started researching the history of Montgomery, Texas almost 20 years ago, he found that the early history of Montgomery, Texas was actually a myth. The true history of the City of Montgomery, Texas and Montgomery County, Texas had been forgotten and was replaced by the false story of an early settlement called “Montgomery Prairie” or “Montgomery Settlement” and an Indian trading post allegedly known as the “Montgomery Trading Post” or the “Andrew Montgomery Trading Post.” Searle rediscovered the actual settlement which was called Lake Creek Settlement. Andrew Montgomery did not even live in the Lake Creek Settlement so the settlement could not have been named for him or his imaginary trading post. Searle discovered that W. W. Shepperd owned the trading post in the Lake Creek Settlement in Austin’s Colony in Mexico and that Shepperd founded the town of Montgomery. In fact, it was learned that W. W. Shepperd named his town after Montgomery County, Alabama, not after a local family.
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