Why Does Sitting Still Equal Learning for Kids? The Myth of the Brain & Body As Separate Entities Education

Rae Pica
5 years ago

We can understand how, before there was research on how children learn best, early educators decided to seat students in tidy rows. But today we do have research on how children learn best. We know that the more senses used in the learning process the higher the percentage of retention. Yet schools still pump data through the eyes, ears and bottom and expect students to retain it anyway.

We know that the brain is far more active during physical activity than while one is seated. Yet schools and policymakers cling to the belief that the body has nothing to do with how the brain functions.

And we know that sitting in a chair increases fatigue and reduces concentration! Yet schools and decision makers implement policies (more testing; no recess; even fewer bathroom breaks) that require students to do more sitting.

In light of the research, what sense can any of this make? Don't buy into the notion that the mind and body are separate – or assume that policymakers are up to date on educational research. Make sure that your child has recess daily and don't be afraid to ask your child's teacher if active learning and breaks are part of the curriculum!

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Comments (13)

Elisa Schmitz
This is so interesting! Makes sense. You are a wealth of information, Rae Pica ! Thank you for all the wisdom you share.
Rae Pica
Aww, thanks, Elisa! I've picked up some wisdom in my many years of being alive! LOL.
Mike Prochaska
I love this!! I agree i know my brain works better when I am active too
Rae Pica
Oh my goodness, yes! I usually get up and walk around when I'm on an important phone call. The difference it makes in my ability to think is amazing!
Kristan Wager
Rae Pica I am about to go head to head with challenging our school who just adopted a TERRIBLE (Amplify CKLA) curriculum this past year that literally drowns our kids in paperwork and seat time. It is awful and everyone is suffering. So nice to hear another voice.
Rae Pica
Kristan, this literally brought tears to my eyes. I just don't understand what these people are thinking. It seems that not only do they not understand children; also, they don't like them very much! :(
Kristan Wager
Rae Pica ...I also just bought your book. Trying to go in as an educated, informed and ready with alternative solutions parent. (Escaped the public schools 10 years ago - cannot go back-)
Rae Pica
Thank you for buying the book. I can't tell you how much I hope it helps! Doing the research is an important first step. Gather as much of it as you can. Also, if you can join with other parents who feel the same way you do, there's more strength in numbers. I wish you the best! And keep us posted!
Sarah Dinolfo
Thank you for writing this and posting!
Rae Pica
You're very welcome, Sarah!
Kristan Wager
Rae Pica rae...I just also printed all the articles that show that FL is killing rest scires...by kicking CC out. Any words of advice for trying to sway a district ? We used to be a wonderful prek to 8 one building school full of creativity and excitement... now...Amplify & CKLA have taken us over...teaching out of boxes...
Rae Pica
Was that meant to say "recess?" I'm not sure what CC is, but the advice I offered above certainly applies here. If it is indeed recess, I suggest a visit to the website of the American Association for the child's right to Play: ipausa.org. They have advice on being a recess advocate!
Julio Caro
Thanks For Sharing....
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