Inappropriate Touching: Why Parents Need to Teach Kids to Report It! Opinion

Recent news reports are filled with stories about powerful people in the movie, sports and business industries abusing their power. Coaches, executives and regular employees seem to have abused their position and broken a trust. These events are hurtful and wrong. They are even more hurtful and moving when they involve the abuse and violence against children.

As a former high school teacher and middle school principal, I saw lots of touching among preteens and teens. Most of it was natural play while some of it was all-out aggression. I see a lot of touching as an elementary vice principal, too. Positive touch, like hi-fives, fist bumps, pounds, hand shakes and hugs, are natural ways to greet, show affection and happiness.

Yet, inappropriate touching occurs when one person feels strange, different and uncomfortable. That touch crosses the line and prevents one from feeling safe and secure. Children who report inappropriate touch do it because they want it to stop and they know it’s wrong. When they do report, they make their home, school and community safer.

Teach children to report inappropriate touch and it will make our society safer and stronger.

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Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
OMG, so important! Thank you for raising this issue and the great recommendations, Abraham Alarcon !
Gina Pomering
This is a hard subject but it definitely needs to be discussed. What also needs to be discussed is the idea that kids know what grooming is and how they can identify if something isn’t quite right. I wish kids never had to know anything but we don’t have that luxury.
Abraham Alarcon
Gina Pomering, I agree it is a hard subject but in order to prevent and combat against abuse, parents have to pay attention, listen and stay involved. Explaining to our children that speaking out and reporting makes all of us stronger and safer is essential.
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