Let Kids Play With Sticks: Here's Why Nature Is One of Our Greatest Gifts Fun With Dad

Mike Prochaska
2 months ago

Today at the park I heard a mom say to her child, “No, put that stick down now.” What is wrong with kids playing with sticks? Is it really that horrible? 

Maybe it’s a lightsaber or fishing poll or used to dig for treasures in the dirt – the possibilities are endless when you use your imagination. There nothing more exciting than digging in the mud with a stick looking for treasures. I spent more than half my childhood in the woods playing with sticks. Are we teaching our children nature is bad? Nature is one of our greatest gifts.

Playing with sticks is better than any toy you can ever buy at the store. A stick’s batteries don’t run out. Children don’t get bored of them. Playing with sticks ignites childrens’ imaginations because they are such a great open-ended play item – and allows children to express themselves freely. 

Sticks also have therapeutic benefits. Branches and long sticks can build strength and muscles as children lift, drag or carry them from place to place. Also, it takes teamwork when a stick is too big for one child to move by themselves. Children develop their communication and social skills as they engage their peers to help them move sticks around to build things. A few examples of things kids can make with sticks are below, but it really is endless!

  • forts
  • treehouses
  • teepees
  • zip lines
  • swords
  • lightsabers
  • walking sticks

How does your child play with sticks?

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