Building a Closer Family: 5 Resolutions to Help Build Your Bond This New Year Fatherhood

Mei Marcie
11 days ago

Want your family to be closer this new year? Here are four resolutions that can help with your family bond:

  • Affirm and Praise: This helps build strong and loving communication – for both spouse and kids!
  • Eat Together: Family dinner is a time to connect with each other, a "platform" for sharing our deepest concerns.
  • Quiet Time Together: Kids open up when they are together with you, doing nothing. Make quiet time and/or prayer part of your daily routine.
  • Learn Love Language: Everyone feels loved differently, so commit to learning and "speaking" your loved ones' languages.
  • Have Fun: Schedule in playtime, family game night or interesting things to do together. Take turns picking.

Happy New Year! How do you plan to get closer to your family this year?

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Comments (5)

Kara Bachman
These things are so easy to do when the kids are young -- it's when you have teens that it starts to get more and more difficult!
Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
Great tips for kicking off the New Year right. Thanks, Mei Marcie !
Dan Pimental Strategy
If you and your partner are looking for resolutions that will strengthen your relationship, marriage therapists recommend these five. A good sexual relationship is built on emotional intimacy.
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