Avoid "Mom, I'm Bored!" & Reduce Kids' Screen Time: How to Create a Summer Fun Basket! by Christine Jones

2 years ago

Summer break is almost here. With about 10 weeks to fill, that leaves a lot of time for kids to reach for their electronics or say "I'm bored." To avoid too much screen time or boredom, I put together a Basket O' Fun. Simply take any basket or box in your house and fill it with:

Put it on the kitchen table or counter. Next time the kids reach for their electronics or say "I'm bored," you can point them to the basket. Throughout the summer, swap out games and supplies to keep it fresh and interesting!

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Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
Such a great idea! No excuses for being bored. Kids need to feel boredom to get their creativity going. Thanks for the fun tip, Christine Jones !
Mike Prochaska
Great tip. All good ideas!

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