How to Make a DIY Ice Skating Rink: 5 Steps to Building a Backyard Ice Skating Rink on a Budget by Ashlee Benest

How to Make a DIY Ice Skating Rink: 5 Steps to Building a Backyard Ice Skating Rink on a Budget

Staying home and safe but still want to ice skate or play hockey this winterI had a blast building an ice skating rink – for very little money – with my boys over the holidays. 

Here's how we built our DIY ice skating rink at home:

  1. Clear an area in your yard where you want the rink to go. 
  2. Lay down tarps or drop cloths and cover them with snow.
  3. Get kids to help by playing on the area. The more they play, the flatter it gets.
  4. Clear away excess snow if you get any. Cold temps are a must, and rain can work to your advantage.
  5. Flood the rink every night and wait for it to freeze.

Done! Buy or borrow hockey sticks, hockey pucks and a couple of hockey nets. Also borrow or buy some ice skates. Now have fun, get fit – and don't fall! Mom and Dad, be sure to supervise kids at all times. 

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Donna John
This tip makes me think of Mike Prochaska ! :-)
Donna John
Wish we could do that here. No chance in Texas! But didn't know it was so easy. Ashlee Benest
Julio Caro
Thanks For Sharing.....

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