Money, Relationships, Family Life: Learn How to Manifest Mindfully & Powerfully in the New Year by Ken Honda

2 years ago

Money, Relationships, Family Life: Learn How to Manifest Mindfully & Powerfully in the New Year

Do you need help becoming more empowered and learning how to manifest more in the new year? I believe that abundance is achievable in every area of our lives: moneyrelationships, family life and more. Applying principles sometimes inspired by Japanese concepts such as arigato, which means “thank you,” is one manner of manifesting more abundance mindfully and powerfully.

  1. Clear Away Judgments or Worry Acquired During This Year: With lingering unforgiveness, worry or judgement, aligning ourselves with powerfully manifesting during the new year is not achievable. 
  2. Arigato: Despite a year of challenges, loss and ongoing change for most of the world during 2020, where can you find gratitude? “Thank you” is important to share for the things in your life that you are grateful for, and acts as an important momentum-builder to manifest more during the upcoming year.
  3. Connect Happier Emotions With Current Desires: No matter what current circumstances may be in your life, finding a place of gratitude or joy in another area can be used to fuel and feed an intention that you wish to manifest.
  4. Connect Empowerment With Your Present Moment: Discover an activity, any activity, during which you are so present in the moment that you lose judgments or worries. From here, breathe into your belly as you allow yourself to feel your inner empowerment expand throughout your inner being and out into your outer world. Exhale needless worries or judgments.
  5. Use Fresh Eyes: Take a fresh look at your life purpose and goals and see if the way that you are earning money is truly in alignment with who you want to be, and what you want to be doing.
  6. The Art of Mindful Manifesting: Bringing your present attention, without judgment or worry, is the most important aspect of manifesting with mindfulness. It is gentle, inspired, thoughtful creation beginning in the mind – and every thought counts.
  7. Feeling Stagnant? Imagine a Change: Consider what would happen if you changed any one of these three things and it will absolutely change your life and bring in new energy: your home, your work, your relationship.

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Elisa Schmitz
We were in Japan at the end of 2019, and arigato became one of our favorite words (then and still now). I love this concept, and all of your ideas. Thank you for sharing, Ken Honda ! Happy New Year.
I love these tips, needed!
Helpful info here 🙏🏼

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