A Child Is Like a Butterfly: Why Kids Are Like Butterflies & Need to Fly (Even During a Pandemic) by Mike Prochaska

3 years ago

A Child Is Like a Butterfly: Why Kids Are Like Butterflies & Need to Fly (Even During a Pandemic)

There is an inspirational poem that you may have seen about children being like butterflies. Here it is:

A child is like a a butterfly in the wind
Some can fly higher than others,
But each one flies the best it can.
Each one is different,
Each one is special,
Each one is beautiful.

It states on The Learning Station's website about the poem: "This is a wonderful message and reminder that all children should grow up in a world free from bias and discrimination. All children are beautiful and unique."

Children are like butterflies. First they start out as a little caterpillar where the world is new to them. As they grow up, they start to grow wings so they can fly. And by fly I mean being independent, smart creatures who learn and discover the world on their own. Each learns in a different way and is special. We can’t teach and treat every child the same because they all get their wings a different way.

One way children grow their wings is by unstructured, free play and just having the freedom to explore the world. I saw my children’s wings and independence grow back just by going to school for a short period of time. My kids have hybrid learning, so they go to school in the morning and do e-learning in the afternoon. Now, as they are going fully remote for three weeks, I am worried about them keeping their wings. We all need to find a way to help our kids grow, play and explore the world so they don’t lose their wings.

Playtime is important for children's development. It's strange to me how many adults still don’t understand this during the coronavirus pandemic. If you need to work, open the door and send your children outside. In my opinion, they don’t need to be kept busy all day. I see all these programs being started for places to send your children to go while you work at home. What happened to opening the door and just sending them outside to play while parents finish their work?

Mom and dad, how are you helping your kids fly during the pandemic?

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What a great post.
Elisa Schmitz
"Each learns in a different way and is special." You said it, Mike Prochaska . This is such a hard time for parents and kids. Being outside is key to keeping them safe and sane and healthy. Hopefully we will get past this pandemic soon and get kids back to the business of being kids.

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