Movie Theaters & Coronavirus Pandemic: Why This Dad Thinks Americans Need to Start Going to the Movies Again by Mike Prochaska

9 months ago
Movie Theaters & Coronavirus Pandemic: Why This Dad Thinks Americans Need to Start Going to the Movies Again

Americans needs to start going back to the movies. AMC and many other theaters have reported that they will go bankrupt by the end of the year unless people return to the theater. The largest theater chain in the U.S. is now expected to run out of money within six months. Even though the chain has been able to reopen many of its locations in recent weeks to coincide with the releases of The New Mutants and Tenet, its financial outlook is dire and, barring a radical change, default is expected.

To me, seeing a movie in the theater has always been a family tradition – an American tradition as old as time. A place to escape from the world with your buddies, a first date, your wife. There is so much history and tradition of going to the theater. There's just something about going to the theater to watch a movie that you don’t get watching a movie at home.

My first job when I was in high school was working at the movie theater. I was an usher and had a lot of other jobs at the theater. I remember the popular movie that summer was Batman. I remember hiding in the back of the theater watching the movie while I was supposed to be cleaning. I had seen the movie so many times that I would end up watching the audience cheer and laugh and enjoy the movie. So many days I would sit in the film projector booth (which you can’t do anymore) and people watch. People on date nights, teenagers with their friends, families enjoying time together.

We must protect the movie theaters. 

In the days before you could reserve your seat, I would go to the movie theaters early so we could get tickets. We had to wait in line to see that new movie. I waited in lines for hours to see a Star Wars movie with my buddies so we could get the perfect seat in the theater. You don’t get that kind of experience watching movies at home.

Last week I took my kids to see The War With Grandpa. It was a cold rainy day and I was worried that that theater was going to be busy. There was no one there. It was like a ghost town. It made me sad because they where doing a good job of keeping the seats 6 feet apart and enforcing face masks

So, fellow movie lovers, let's return to the theaters – safely – to help protect this great tradition. 

What do you think? Share your opinion below. 

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Donna John
I have not gone to see a movie since the pandemic. Would I? Yes. Being in a grocery store is probably less safe than sitting in a chair, not moving, at a theater. My first job at 15 was at a movie theater. It's a fun place to work when you're young! Mike Prochaska
Julie Rose
This is so sad. So many businesses are suffering. Maybe if we all wore masks we could go to the movies again. Some people ruin it for the rest of us. 😷
Ann Marie Gardinier Halstead
I LOVE going to the movies. AMC is my favorite. We used to go frequently before the pandemic. I've been reluctant, in part because I've read that it's one of the riskier indoor activities according to the CDC. There are lots of reasons, one of which is poor ventilation. But I miss it so much!
Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
I miss going to the movies so much, Mike Prochaska . I wish it was safer to go. The economic catastrophe so many businesses are facing is truly heartbreaking. We have to get the health crisis in check before the economic crisis will turn around, I'm afraid. :-(

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