Kneeling in Sports During the National Anthem: Are You For or Against This Type of Protest? Here's What I Think... by Mike Prochaska

Kneeling in Sports During the National Anthem: Are You For or Against This Type of Protest? Here's What I Think...

Let’s talk about kneeling during sports games. If baseball players took a knee like football players took a knee during the national anthem it wouldn't bother me. Peaceful protesting is what makes America, America!

Matthew Lister reminded me that the national anthem was not always a part of sports – it was put there as a way of honoring those killed in Chicago. September 5, 1918, during game one of the World Series between the Boston Red Sox and the Chicago Cubs, to be exact. A bomb recently had gone off in Chicago, killing at least four, and it was not long after 100,000 lost their lives in the war. That is how it started. It was started to commemorate death. So it is only fitting that we commemorate the deaths of people of color killed by police by kneeling in protest during the national anthem.

I think I would actually be kind of proud if I saw Anthony Rizzo, Kris Bryant, Jason Heyward and other Cubs kneeling before the game.

Anthony Rizzo is the team captain, so I feel like if he did it the rest of the team would follow his lead. I remember Jason Heyward sat out a game after the Kenosha shooting, but told the rest of the team they should play. So what if instead they all quietly just took a kneel before the beginning of the game?

I personally feel that kneeling at football games and basketball games is the way for African-Americans to get heard! It so much better than looting and burning down buildings and destroying your town, which is just going to make life harder for people with no jobs, no economy and no way to survive.

Ron Howard, an amazing teacher and veteran, believes that as a veteran he defended people’s right to stand, kneel or sit. This is America, not North Korea. I love asking veterans this question because I respect their opinions, as they served to protect our county.

Sport stars have a lot of power in the media that they could use to change the world. Should sports players be considered role models? Or are sports stars just supposed to do their jobs? Do they have a duty to stand up for what they believe or should they keep their mouths shut and just do their jobs? I hear people always debating both sides. I would like to hear what everyone else thinks. I see both sides of the argument, but being a white male I will never know what it's like being a black American.

Another 30Seconds friend, Jason Smith, thinks sports are our escape from this world, so all the players should just play the game. Jason says, “It should never have been a big deal. Nobody used to pay any attention to what players in ANY sport did during the anthem. Colin made it an issue, and Trump made it bigger. We pay for cable, sports packages and streaming services to escape reality. Shut up and play ball.”

Part of me agrees with him even more now during the pandemic because sports are our escape from COVID-19. I was so excited that baseball was back because for me that is my escape! Watching the boys in blue, watching my Cubs rock baseball, still gives me pride to be an American from Chicago. And sports gives us something to be proud of as the world is falling apart.

No Chicago Bears player has knelt for our national anthem before, but several Bears players did in Detroit, and 21 others just hid in the locker room. Why did they hide in the locker room?

Holly Budde is sad football Sundays aren’t her escape from the world anymore. "This is a real sad time for me. I miss football Sundays being the escape it always was for us. Free of politics and agendas."

I would love to see a day where players from all leagues took a knee together. Are people really not going to watch a sport because a player took a knee? Are sports just an escape? Are sports stars just doing a job or do they have a responsibility to stand up for what they believe? Share your thoughts below.

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Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
People's beliefs are deeply personal and each person has the right to make a statement in the way that feels right to them. As long as they are not hurting anyone or breaking any laws, who are we to judge them? Thank you for sharing your perspective, Mike Prochaska . As always, you write about topics that get people thinking. Donna John Matthew Lister Ron Howard Jason J. Smith Jason Smith Holly Budde
Mike Prochaska
yes really just want to get people thinking and have a discussion. I agree with you Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds everyone has a different point of view.
Mike Prochaska
Ron Howard can you please share your thoughts you shared on facebook here about being a vet. I think it would start a great discussion
Mike Prochaska
So if. Baseball players, football players and basketball players all took a kneel on the same day would it make a statement?

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