How to Start a Side Hustle: 2 Tips to Help Pursue Your Passions As a Side Hustle This Year by Jessica L. Williams

2 years ago
How to Start a Side Hustle: 2 Tips to Help Pursue Your Passions As a Side Hustle This Year

Is there something you’ve always secretly wanted to do? Do you have dreams of becoming a writer, a coach, a speaker? Something that you may not have told anyone? But you are not sure if you can do it or make money from it? You can give it a try by pursuing it as a side hustle while you have your day job. This way you can test out the idea, experiment, and figure out the ways you want to work without necessarily having to focus so much on making money right away.

A side hustle can also lead to new skills and new relationships that can help you be more confident at your day job, take on more responsibilities and even change careers. A big struggle for aspiring side hustlers is how to find the time to work on their business. Here are two things to keep in mind:

  • You don’t need to find 10 hours a week to work on your side hustle when you are just getting started. It’s about changing your mindset around time and using the hidden minutes in your day to get a few things done. The time you spend waiting can be used to draft a couple of blog post ideas or post to social media. You can use part of your lunch break to take a client call or respond to emails. You can even take a PTO day and write all of your blog posts for the month. It’s all about maximizing those 15- and 30-minute pockets of time in your day.
  • You can use technology’s powers for good. Technology tools are there to help you show up while you are at your day job but also to help you do things more efficiently. You can use a tool like Buffer and an hour on a Sunday, for example, to schedule all of your social media posts for the week. You can set up a button on your site for people to set up a call with you using a tool like Calendly and then you can reduce the back and forth of email to find time for a coaching call.

Make this your year to pursue your passion and start your side hustle by using productivity hacks and technology to make your business goals a reality.

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Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
YES! Love these actionable tips, Jessica L. Williams . I love the ideas for how you maximize time for a side hustle, so smart! And technology has made life much easier to start a side hustle, for sure! Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us.
Jessica L. Williams
Yay I'm so glad you love them @elisa. Thank you!
Great ideas. 👍

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