Protective Netting in Baseball: What Are Your Thoughts on Safety Netting in Major League Baseball? by Mike Prochaska

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2 years ago
Protective Netting in Baseball: What Are Your Thoughts on Safety Netting in Major League Baseball?

How does everyone feel about protective netting coming to Major League Baseball (MLB)? Hockey has netting behind the goalie to keep the puck from hitting fans. But, this is baseball. And part of the game is trying to catch foal balls, home runs and balls when they go out of the park. 

Seven MLB teams will expand protective netting to the foul poles and 15 other teams will expand their netting to the area in the outfield where the stands begin to angle away from the field. Commissioner Rob Manfred gave the update at the winter meeting in San Diego. Manfred says the remaining eight teams have installed netting that extends substantially beyond the far end of the dugouts. 

According to The Associated Press (AP), MLB's push for expanded netting began in 2015 and increased in 2017 after a number of fans were hurt. 

So what do you think? Do you like the idea of expanding the netting? My opinion? I am a traditionalist and don’t like it when the game is changed. Share your thoughts below!

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Donna John
We go to a lot of Astros games, and I can tell you that people do not pay attention anymore at baseball games. Look around and so many are on their phones, which contributes to people getting hurt. Put down your phone and watch the game, people.

We have netting at Minute Maid, and it's really not a distraction at all. Now, I don't think it should go all the way around the stadium. I agree that part of the fun is the hopes of catching a foal ball or home run. I don't think it really matters what fans think, sadly, because it's too much of a liability for MLB.
Mike Prochaska
Yes amen! Your at a baseball game! But down your phone and watch the game
Keith Sereduck
Long overdue. Should be mandatory that every park installs from foul poll to foul poll.
Mike Prochaska
Why? Just pay attention!! Keith Sereduck explain to my why?
Mike Prochaska
I feel like nets is just like bubble wrapping people. Your at a baseball game out down your phone and watch the game. I feel like they taking some of the excitement of the ball coming into the stands out of the game. I know you don’t want people to get hurt but at the same time it Baseball your there to watch the game put your damn phone down and watch the game.
steiv austin
i have no base ball team player
Mike Prochaska
I just ready for baseball to come back
I played a lot. Now a hip injury.

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