Homework Struggles: Here Are 3 Ways to Stop the Homework Blues by Trevor Romain

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5 months ago
Homework Struggles: Here Are 3 Ways to Stop the Homework Blues

Your child has been at school all day and when they come home, the last thing they want to do is sit down and do their homework. While homework isn’t the most fun thing, I have three tips that can make it a bit more bearable:

  • Designate a “homework spot”: Have you and your child designate a spot where they only go to do their homework. A quiet place where there are no distractions. Creating a spot like this allows your child to get in the proper homework mindset quicker.
  • Make a healthy snack: Nobody can focus with an empty stomach! My favorite healthy snacks are apples with peanut butter, a granola bar or yogurt. Allowing your kid to make a healthy snack gives them time to decompress from school before diving into their homework.
  • Take breaks: Some nights, homework can take a long time. To make homework easier to do, I often suggest kids takes breaks during their homework. Breaks are a perfect chance for your child to get some exercise in or talk and catch up with you.

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Homework spots are a great idea. Routine is important! 👍
Trevor Romain
Let me know which area(s) work best for you and your family.
Mike Prochaska
Yes we have a homework spot. If it takes over 20 minutes we stop. First they eat a snack and play outside since it still
Nice out. After dinner we do homework. Sometimes it all gets done and sometimes only part. Once weather gets cooler and gets darker eariler we will start homework early. Both my kids teachers reminds parents if homework takes longer 20 minutes to stop. So glad they get it.
Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
I think breaks and food are key, and sometimes, they can be one and the same! Gives kids something to look forward to as well as powers them up to keep on going. Thanks for the tips, Trevor Romain !

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