A Pitch Clock in Major League Baseball? I Say No Way & Here's Why! by Mike Prochaska

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2 years ago
A Pitch Clock in Major League Baseball? I Say No Way & Here's Why!

How does everyone feel about a time clock for pitchers in Major League Baseball (MLB)? pitch clock is used in college baseball and Minor League Baseball to limit the amount of time a pitcher uses before he throws the ball to the hitter. I just heard that MLB will be using the pitch clock during spring training.

MLB commissioner Rob Manfred is continuing his quest to speed up his game of baseball. Concerned that the average major league contest in 2017 lasted three hours, five minutes, and three hours, 29 minutes in the post-season, Manfred wants to speed up the game with the pitch clock.

I personally don’t like this idea. Part of baseball is watching the battle unfold between the pitcher, catcher and batter. We don’t need to speed up the game. There is nothing better than sitting in the ballpark watching your team play on a beautiful day and the battle between pitcher and batter. I believe that is one of the best parts of baseball. This is baseball, not basketball. Baseball doesn’t need a 20-second clock!

Baseball is the only major North American team sport to be played without a clock. While a pitch clock would not impact a team's scoring opportunities – as do the game clocks in football, basketball, hockey and soccer – a clock will change the feel of the game; its natural ebb and flow, the rise and fall in tension and suspense as the batter and pitcher duke it out on the mound.

How do you feel about a pitch clock?

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Donna John
Agreed, Mike Prochaska . I think a pitch clock is a mistake. Spring training, OK, but not in regular season.
Mathis Gladys
Thank you for your blog. Thanks Again. Really Great.
Holly Budde
No pitch clock. The intensity is lost. It’s baseball !!
Dieter Schmitz
I don’t know Mike Prochaska if the pitch clock is such a bad idea. Your image of a warm sunny afternoon at the ballpark is not always there for the frosty April games at Wrigley or Target Fields. And, then there are the late season games when your team is 22 out of first. I do think a brisker pace is needed for MLB games - and am open to creative ideas! #GoCubsGo
Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
I didn't realize this was happening! I can see how it would change the game, but I also can see the pressure of trying to move the game along. (It reminds me of what happened with the Oscars and them always trying to shorten that up.) As a former baseball player, I can't imagine the use of a pitch clock, though! Great tip, Mike Prochaska !

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