Setting Boundaries for Kids: Parents, Here's Why Boundaries With Teens & Tweens Are So Important by Sheryl Gould

2 years ago

Setting Boundaries for Kids: Parents, Here's Why Boundaries With Teens & Tweens Are So Important

It is essential that we are clear about boundaries with our kids and identify how they are in their best interest. Boundaries create clarity and peace in our home. Where there are no boundaries, there is confusion and chaos. When we are constantly changing our "no" to "yes" and "yes" to "no," it’s confusing for everybody.

  • Boundaries create freedom. When we are clear about our expectations and the rules in our home, we don’t need to hover, be so strict or resort to controlling behavior. We can stand firm and relax a little. If they happen to step over the line, the consequences can speak for themselves.
  • They will test the boundaries and step over the line sometimes. Our job is to hold the line and allow them to learn from any mistakes. There is no need to yell and treat them like bad kids. They are not. We need to anticipate that our teens will resist, resent and put up a fight. Our kids are desperate for boundaries in order to feel safe.
  • Our kids need to know that we are in control. Teens need to be able to bump up against something and want limits to feel safe.

Begin to take charge and gain clarity in order to have peace and more freedom to enjoy one another in your home.

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Elisa Schmitz
You are so right, Sheryl Gould ! Boundaries are key, and kids will push them in order to know where they are. It helps so much, especially when parents are on the same page and there is no confusion. Thank you for this!

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