The Chicago Cubs Will Leave WGN-TV After 70 Years (and I'm Not Happy About It!) by Mike Prochaska

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2 years ago

I am sad that the Chicago Cubs will be leaving WGN-TV next year after 70 years. The Cubs are teaming up with Sinclair Broadcast Group to launch the “Marquee Sports Network” in February of 2020.

First, I want to say from the business side that I get it. With their own TV network, the Cubs will hopefully have the money to sign more free agents in the future. But my heart hurts. It’s going to be weird with no Cubs home opener on WGN-TV. At our house we watch the Cubs home opener and celebrate baseball being back – and WGN-TV has been a huge part of Cubs baseball!

The Cubs belong on WGN-TV. WGN-TV’s relationship with the Cubs traces back to channel 9's inception in April 1948, and the Cubs could be seen across the country. Between 1948 and 1966, Cubs home games were shown (with a handful of road games). In 1967, WGN-TV began to carry somewhere around 140 games a year, sometimes more. In 1978, these games began to be shown nationally as WGN-TV was picked up on cable and satellite systems. This is how the Cubs became America’s team in the Midwest.

I remember coming home from school every day and turning on good old channel 9 to watch the end of the Cubs game. Normally it was a day game and I would get home by the 7th inning stretch, and Harry Carey and Steve Stone would be doing the famous 7th-inning stretch and the boys in blue would be playing. Those were the days of Ryne SandburgMark Grace, Slammin’ Sammy Sosa and Shawon Duston. I always loved Shawon because he was always getting hurt, but he never gave up and kept coming back. I feel like WGN-TV and the Cubs were part of my childhood, teenage years and adulthood, and it will be missed.

What’s your favorite memory of the Chicago Cubs and WGN-TV? What will you miss about Cubs games being on good old channel 9?

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Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
I agree, Mike Prochaska . I remember watching Cubs on channel 9 and WGN my whole life. Being in the bleachers, Harry singing, WGN - it all just went together. I will miss them being on WGN. It will be interesting to see how their new channel works out, I guess. Let's hope for the best.
Otis Powers
I am from Brownsville Texas the southern most tip of Texas and I am a DIE HARD Cubs fan I have been since 1989 when I was 6 years old. Every day I had the opportunity to watch the Cubs play cause of WGN. As I grew I was able to start an organization here in the southern most tip of Texas that is called the CUBS. I have over 40 young baseball athletes who wear with pride that Cubs Jersey not to mention all the parents. I will continue to always love and support the Cubs but I am thankful for WGN for making me a CUBS fan.
Mike Prochaska
Thank you for sharing your story
Mike Prochaska
Please share your thoughts here so we can all remember what WGN means to us cubs fans
I never lived in Chicago but it was through WGN that I was first introduced to Cubs baseball in 1981. The same with WOR & WTBS and their teams. I chose the Cubs and have never looked back. But this is 2019 and the means to get the product to viewers has drastically changed. Change is like a surgical procedure. The cut hurts but hopefully the outcome is better in the end. No guarantees. Same situation here. I hope that the decisions made will result in a better delivery of the Cubs baseball product to its fans.
It was a great run.. WGN is a big part of why I’m a Cubs fan. Grew up watching Cubbies on GN. Started only a couple of years after we moved to the US so knew nothing about American baseball. WGN was a great teacher back then and a great way to see some of the games as the years went on..
Julie O'Melia
I am very sad that the Cubs won't be on WGN anymore. My mom lives in senior housing that doesn't offer cable or dish. She has been a true Cubs fan all of her life. She even worked at Wrigley Field for many years and now she won't be able to see the games. It's her favorite past time. I'm very sad for her. She will, no doubt, listen to her CUBBIES on the radio but I hear that is going away also. It's such a shame to just toss away the fans who have been loyal for so long.
Jean Jacobson
but will this new channel be carried by spectrum cable ans be seen I southern Wisconsin? if not I wont be able to watch the games.
Kathy Giarratano
I’m so upset about the Cubs moving from WGN. I haven’t been able to go to a Cubs game in many years, because I couldn’t afford the tickets, so I watched them on TV! I’m on a fixed income, How much will this channel cost? I know I won’t be able to afford it! I’ve been a Cubs fan my whole life, started going to the games, when I was young! Please don’t put,my team on cable!!

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