The Building Blocks for Independence: 3 Ways to Overcome a Kid's Struggle to Be Independent by Roma Khetarpal

a year ago
The Building Blocks for Independence: 3 Ways to Overcome a Kid's Struggle to Be Independent

Pushes for independence are faced by every parent. This push for exploring their world and stretching boundaries is paramount for our children’s development at every stage of their life. Here are three quick tips when you are faced with challenges like these:

  • Kindness Is Key: When you are right, practice being kind first! Kindness – which I consider the ultimate display of love, patience and respect – takes us a long way in managing emotions.
  • Listen Mindfully: There is a difference between hearing and listening. Listening is paying careful attention to both sound and source.
  • Reason and Respond: Reasoning allays arguments and power struggles and helps us respond instead of react.

When you apply these tools, you will not only have taken challenging moments and turned them into building blocks for independence, but also harnessed the gift of trust and understanding – the cornerstones of a lasting relationship with your kids!

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Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
So true. I remember so many instances of kids pushing boundaries in their attempts to assert independence. Not easy. Thank you for these great insights, Roma Khetarpal ! Tools Of Growth

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