International Manny Association: How to Support This New Organization for Male Nannies! by Mike Prochaska

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3 years ago
International Manny Association: How to Support This New Organization for Male Nannies!

I am proud to announce the start of the International Manny Association! I want to thank 30Seconds contributor Matt Lister and Manny Matt for starting this organization and including me. I feel honored to be included! I can’t wait to learn from so many great men. So, for starters, come check out their new Facebook page.

Researching the market for male nannies, Manny Matt and Matt Lister found information through Priceonomics that male babysitters (not professional nannies) make up 2.9 percent of the babysitting workforce, whereas females make up 97.1 percent of babysitters.

Again, that is for babysitters, not professional male nannies. Professional male nannies make up even less of a percentage than male sitters. Further, some nanny and sitter sites only show female babysitters by default in their search results – you need to do an advanced search to see male results.

It is clear that male nannies are a very small percentage of the professional child-care industry. It is time that we not only get represented, but that we work diligently to promote well-trained, professional male child-care providers in the industry.

Join us as we begin 2019 with this announcement and certain growth! Come check out the International Manny Association Facebook page and watch them grow!

We encourage all male nannies to register at 30Seconds and share your knowledge and message! 

Take 30 seconds and join the 30Seconds community. Inspire and be inspired.

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Donna John
Congratulations!!! Thanks for shining a light on them, Mike Prochaska ! Matthew Lister
Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
That is really exciting news! Way to go, Matthew Lister , Manny Matt and Mike Prochaska ! Happy to help you share the news!

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