Baseball Player Bryce Harper Needs to Play for the Chicago Cubs (and Here's Why!) by Mike Prochaska

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2 years ago
Baseball Player Bryce Harper Needs to Play for the Chicago Cubs (and Here's Why!)

You have to live under a rock to not know that Washington NationalsBryce Harper is a free agent. He had been looking for a 300-plus million-dollar contact. It reminds me of the movie "Jerry Maguire" with Tom Cruise and his client’s famous line, “Show me the money!”

Why do you need that much money? I’m just saying, wouldn’t you rather work for a team where you have a chance of winning the World Series vs. more money than you and your family would ever need?

For example, look at Dexter Fowler. He made the mistake of taking all that money to play for the St. Louis Cardinals instead of making a deal with the Chicago Cubs to stay and play baseball. Without his buddy, Anthony Rizzo, he hates it there (or so I've read) and has been fighting with his team ever since.

Bryce Harper named his dog Wrigley and he’s best friends with Cub's third baseman and outfielder Kris Bryant. So instead of signing with a team for more money, he needs to sign with the Cubs. Once a Cub always a Cub.

What do my fellow baseball fans think?

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Photo (main): Bryce Harper Twitter

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Donna John
It's always sad when players forget why they're playing the game and focus on the money. But it's the nature of the beast, unfortunately, because we pay sports figures so much. Mike Prochaska
Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
This is so interesting, Mike Prochaska . Go Cubs Go!
Michael Gilbert
cubs will not add any money dont know why others dont see this
Mike Prochaska
If he wanted to be a philly he should have signed already right? I know joe maddon, Tom and kris bryant said he not going to be a cub but what if he wants to be a cub? Would Theo and Tom figure it out? Just can’t figure out if Phily gave him the deal he wanted why didn’t he
Take it yet! In my heart i think he wants to be a cub But it all going to come down to Tom and Theo! #TrustIntheo
Mike Prochaska
Why not getting a lot of money for tv deal

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