How Lionel Richie Helped Me Realize That Contentment Doesn’t Mean You've Settled in Life by Jonathan Oliver

3 years ago

How Lionel Richie Helped Me Realize That Contentment Doesn’t Mean You've Settled in Life

Whenever I have heard the word contentment, I’ve always associated it with weakness, a lack ambition, settling or being happy with “good enough.” Earlier this week, I had the grill fired up and Lionel Richie’s Stuck On You playing in the background. I looked across the living room at my lovely wife rocking our daughter in her arms, silently praying she falls asleep. I then looked at my mother-in-law, who has been in town giving us extra support and help, as her face beamed with joy.

I began to reflect back over the people in my life. I realized at that moment everyone was in good health and my relationships were all in good standing. Then I narrowed my focus on my immediate extended family, my parents, brothers, grandmother and dearest friends. I began to feel this surge of energy running through my body; it was almost as if I was floating in the air.

As I made eye contact back with my wife, Lionel Richie was no longer playing in the background, but I could still hear the song “Stuck On You” loud and clear in my ears. In that very moment, I had it all. I didn’t need more or want more. I felt a peace that ran deep down to the core of my bones.

I was content.

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Elisa Schmitz
So beautifully told, Jonathan Oliver . Many thanks for sharing your heart with us. Powerful words that so many of us can relate to (and need to read over and over again)!

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