Questions About Church: Do You Take Your Kids to Church & What Do You Think of Modern Megachurches? by Mike Prochaska

2 years ago
Questions About Church: Do You Take Your Kids to Church & What Do You Think of Modern Megachurches?

Do you go to church? And if you do, which kind of church? My family has started going to church because our kids are asking us a lot of questions about Jesus and God.

We found a church that has a free Sunday school called Promise Land. I have never been in a church like this before. When I was a kid we got dragged to a small Catholic church where we were made to sit. It was a traditional church with all the religious things.

This church is one of those megachurches with TVs in every room. There is a coffee bar for parents to buy drinks and then they can sit in the lobby and watch church or they go into the theater room and be part of the service. At Promise Land the kids get to play with so many toys – more than I have at the preschool where I work. During Sunday school, they sing songs and learn a little lesson. Honestly, the classroom is bigger than my work classroom.

My question is: Do you think TVs and screens are OK in this kind of environment? My opinion? I think church is supposed to be a quiet place away from the craziness of life so you can talk to God and reflect on life, but the world is a different place now and there are TVs everywhere.

Please share your thoughts below. 

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Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
This is so interesting, and a great question, Mike Prochaska . I have been to a church like the one you describe. Even the sermon was on a big screen in the church itself. It's kind of jarring. They had a rock band that played on stage, too. I liked the music and was inspired by how engaged everyone was in the service. But, having been raised in a more traditional religious setting, it is a lot to get used to. I do like the quiet, contemplative nature of traditional mass. But I can see the appeal of the screens to spread the message in perhaps a more engaging way.
Mike Prochaska
Yes I think you are talking about the same place. I was very overwhelmed by the rock band and still have mixed feeling about the place
Renee Herren
I’ve been to all kinds of churches. I am not a mega church fan but I really enjoy modern services with the “rock bands” and where jeans are welcomed.
Mike Prochaska
I do love how they make all feel welcomed every time and it very kid oriented but going to try few others

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