Parents As Role Models: 3 Ways to Be a "Rule Model" for Your Kids! by Roma Khetarpal

11 days ago
Parents As Role Models: 3 Ways to Be a "Rule Model" for Your Kids!

Practice what you preach or you can never teach. Here are my top three basic rules that we, the parents, the role models, set for our kids that we must “rule model” as well:

  • Foul Language: Switch all the inappropriate four-letter words so they are not used back at you when the kids are mad. Build a clean, age-appropriate vocabulary for your entire family. When you’re not mad, work on finding alternate words for your times of frustration and anger. For example, some great choice words include: "Wow!" "Really!" "Unbelievable!" Or better yet, use sounds to fill the space like “uhhh" and “hmm.” A big grunt always works for me. Sounds help you buy time and release negative energy while tuning down your emotions and responses.
  • House Rules: When we set rules for our kids, we must be conscious of following them ourselves. Kids are perceptive and will know when there is one set of rules for them and another for the adults.
  • Texting While Driving: No matter how old they are, they’re watching! If you think you can get away with it once in a while, so will they. Be mindful.

Simply put: Practice what you preach or you can never teach! 

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Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds
"Practice what you preach or you can never teach!" Spot on, Roma Khetarpal ! I love your simple yet effective tips, thank you! Tools Of Growth

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