Father's Viral Diaper Change Post Launches Global #SquatForChange Movement by Jessica Acree

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3 years ago
Father's Viral Diaper Change Post Launches Global #SquatForChange Movement

Hey, dads! Have you ever been forced to change your child's diaper at a local business by squatting down to use your legs as a makeshift table? Chances are the women's bathroom had a diaper changing station, but not the men's. Unfortunately, the scene is all too common in the fatherhood circle. It's inconvenient and frustrating.

The issue is not a new one, but the effort to inspire change has gained new momentum thanks to a viral post and one fed-up father of three. Donte Palmer of Florida recently shared a photo on Instagram showing him squatting in a public restroom with his youngest on his lap. The caption reads, "Clearly we do this often because look how comfortable my son is. It's routine to him!!!! Let's fix this problem!"

It is an image dads everywhere can relate to, so it's no surprise Palmer's #SquatForChange hashtag is spreading like wildfire. And for good reason! It's simple. Dads change diapers, too, not just moms. At the core, it is about shattering gender stereotypes, supporting parenting equality and making the experience much more comfortable for everyone involved.

I reached out to Palmer to ask what he'd say to other dads struggling with the same lack of resources, he says, "... continue being a great father and help stand behind me so we can bring change for all of us."

Palmer is already seeing the spontaneous mission spark action as other dads post their own #SquatForChange pictures in restrooms across the nation, even the world! Supporters are also sharing pictures of men's bathrooms that do have a changing station, expressing relief that they can avoid the burn in their quads and give their kid a clean diaper without the extra hassle.

Palmer tells me he is excited and grateful to see each post as the movement takes hold. He says he's most surprised by the international reach it's already getting and how he's even in talks with a few celebrity dads who are ready to jump on board to help fuel the mission. 

Do you encounter this same headache while out and about? Join 30Seconds in helping to support Palmer's effort by sharing your own #SquatForChange photo. If you see a changing table already installed in the men's bathroom in your community or if a new one goes up, that's worth a shout-out, too!

Together, we can be the change. 

Take 30 seconds and join the 30Seconds community. Inspire and be inspired.

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Mike Prochaska
Yes I have been there. I have gone into women’s bathroom many times to do it. I even made them throw all the women out of bathroom at a kids place once so I could change my son. It was such a big deal they decided to add one to the guys bathroom because we all made a big deal about it. #citydads
Jessica Acree
Shocking that even at a KIDS place they didn't already have one! Good for you! #SquatForChange
Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
Oh my goodness, yes! So glad to see this dad making a difference. This is a no-brainer and it needs to happen. Thank you for this great post, Jessica Acree !
Jessica Acree
It's not something my husband ever talked about, but asking him about it today, he said he had definitely encountered the problem when our daughter was little too! Sheesh!
Brock Lusch
I have not come across this luckily. But I have heard plenty of stories like Donte’s. I was talking to a friend who works in a medical center controlled by building management. She was telling me that they do not have any changing tables in the bathrooms. Because building management does not see the need because there is not a significant traffic of kids. Which is a lie because she was telling me there are tons of kids coming in with parents. So they are pushing once again for the tables. If they don’t get the approval they are going to be buying them and pushing to have them put up. CRAZY!
Jessica Acree
I can’t imagine the cost is so great that it can’t just be a standard convenience for your patrons regardless!
Brock Lusch
My friend would agree. She is very frustrated by the situation and is glad to see this movement to bring things to the light. She is hoping it helps get them in her building.
Jessica Acree
#changewillhappen says the founder of this movement! :)
Meredith Schneider
When my 4 kids were diaper age, if a bathroom didn't have a changing table, I would change them in the back of the Suburban. Way before family bathroom days, which not all business have. It's 2018, I can't believe not all men's rooms have changing tables. Especially if the place of business doesn't have a family bathroom. Either way there should be changing tables in the women's and men's bathroom.
Jessica Acree
Meredith Schneider It's shocking how many bathroom still fail to provide such an "easy" solution! I have definitely done the "back of the car" change. Best in good weather, awkward if not, lol
Michael Kennedy
This used to happen to me all the time, in fact, when I had the kids solo I used to choose restaurants/ stores based on whether I knew if they had changing capabilities or not.
Jessica Acree
It's definitely a major factor! The ones who have it deserved your business! It's a pretty big oversight to not provide a convenient place to take care of it. Michael Kennedy
Mike Prochaska
Anyone deal with drama about taking girls into the men’s room?? Just asking as my daughter gets older. I was just thinking about a road trip we took last year and my daughter had to pee so we stopped at an ihop in kuntucky and I run in to take her to pee abd we run into the bathroom and as I am standing guard outside the stall I hear some dude freaking out in the reastraunt about a girl being in the boys bathroom. Just ignored him and let her finish up and got the hell out of there.
Jessica Acree
How old was she? I imagine it's more uncomfortable for HER than it would be for THEM, but what are you supposed to do!? Better to stand guard that way, then to let her go solo elsewhere assuming she was still pretty young. Mike Prochaska
Mike Prochaska
She is 7. And we normally do bathroom duty that way always.
Nicole DeAvilla
Here in the Bay Area, many restrooms are becoming all gender restrooms, which gives dads access to the changing tables and women shorter lines! Its a win-win. It also makes bringing your older child of a different sex easier too.
Jessica Acree
That's a great update! There IS hope! :) It really does make it easier all around, doesn't it. Thanks for sharing that! Mike Prochaska -- you need these in IL!
Donna John
Didn't this become a law in New York this year?? Jessica Acree Mike Prochaska

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