Colin Kaepernick & the Nike Ad: How Will You Explain the Hate to Your Kids? by Mike Prochaska

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6 months ago
Colin Kaepernick & the Nike Ad: How Will You Explain the Hate to Your Kids?

Today I was reading an article about people who are burning their Nike shoes because Colin Kaepernick just signed a deal with Nike. Kaepernick is the football player who started the NFL players taking a knee in protest. The new Nike ad has inspired some people to post videos and photos of them destroying their Nike apparel, something I just don’t understand.

It makes me sad that in 2018 we are still a divided country. I just want to say to someone who is thinking about burning their shoes: How would you explain that hate to your children? When your children play with other kids at the park, they don’t see race or color, they just see another kid who wants to play. Can’t adults just see another adult trying to make life better?

I don’t understand how people can even justify burning their shoes like that in protest to a man who is just, in my eyes, trying to stand up for what he believes in. In America sport stars have so much power and influence to change the world. I wish more sport stars would publicly stand up for their beliefs.

What do you think?

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Mike Prochaska
What does everyone else think?
Stacey Roberts
Just so happened as I opened this my almost 15 yr old son and 3 of his also almost 15 yr old high school football playing friends happened to be sitting at our dining room table devouring the finest Domino’s has to offer, so I asked them...
“It’s a protest” was the first response
“Oh you mean the guy with the big hair” another
“As soon as we’re done eating we’re going to go ride our bikes in the dark, but don’t worry we’ll be sure and wear our helmets” was another (me - “like hell you are”!)
“Usually if it’s about hate, they would be destroying someone else’s property instead of their own and sometimes even going as far to hurt others, so it’s just a protest” was the last
Or so I thought when, Mr. Rides Bikes in the Dark says, “so what if they burn their own shoes, all I care about is if they burn the American flag, then that’s hate. Or at least that’s how my parents explained it to me”!
And I have no idea what these other kid’s parent’s political affiliations are because it’s a pact we’ve all made that we keep those issues to ourselves. Simply because, as I’ve said before, you’re either preaching to the choir or you’re throwing a rock at a hornet’s nest!
Cheryl Nolan
These people are teaching their kids to hate. They don’t care about explaining it. It’s very sad and dangerous.
Stacey Roberts
Unbeknownst to me my dinner guests showed up in my kitchen this morning, with grumbling tummies. So I’ve got 28 links of sausage going in one pan and am pumping out fried eggs at lightening speed when the last partygoer immerses from our subterranean lair. Coincidentally, wearing a t-shirt with a swoosh across the front and plops down beside one of the others, who’s says,
“dude, you need to burn your shirt”!
“I’m not burning my shirt, dork”!
“Well either burn it or wash it”!
I haven’t watched the news for 25 yrs and quit watching tv all together 4 yrs ago and as a result so did the rest of the family. That is for the exception I’m in the room and my husband is watching a car race, he raced professionally during the 80’s.
Is my life better or worse? It’s better, much better. So now instead of not even being able to watch a cooking show that hasn’t been turned into a war, I watch YouTube videos on how to make things like crosscut sleds or Ikea hacks. I even taught myself to tat on YouTube.
So my questions for you are, is it mandatory to watch the news and have your kids watch too? If your kids don’t watch, is it mandatory you relay everything that you hear on the news to them, especially younger kids?
I saw a post on Facebook that one of my 9 friends commented on, so I went and read it and a few comments.
I came away with sadness how there’s no debate, just spewing obscenities and insults from both sides. There were things people called each other I’d never heard that left me trying to think of what it meant, but decided it wouldn’t benefit me in any way and certainly didn’t want to know the urban dictionary’s definition of so I quit.
Lastly I have to ask, what is hateful about protesting someone protesting? And what’s hateful about burning your OWN property as opposed to villinizing all police by wearing socks with pigs wearing police hats on them? How do you explain that to your kids? Isn’t that telling them all police are bad and you can’t trust them?
In ending, as a fellow tribesman, can I respectfully suggest you turn off the tv and see if it makes life better or worse. I think you’ll find it makes life better, much better.
Stacey Roberts
Mike Prochaska If you get a chance watch these videos, but I would suggest you don’t let your kids watch. Then ask me if I’ve been discriminated against or if I know what oppression is or racial injustice is.
Stacey Roberts
Mike Prochaska There’s a huge difference between taking a proactive or reactive approach to situations such as this. The proactive approach would be to go to the root of the problem and work from there. I think I’m safe in saying those who are most likely to fall victim to police brutality are young black males, fatherless to be specific. Here’s an article by the Washington Post, President Obama is addressing this exact issue.
From everything I’ve read about your posts, it would be hard to find a person, especially a man with more passion and prideful in being an educator and stay at home dad. Imagine a world if only 1% of the children had you for a parent? I don’t know this so it’s why I’m asking, do you do any volunteering as a tutor or mentor for any young black kids? Boys/Girls Club, YMCA? Have you ever considered starting even a small organization where you can give these kids a chance to be treated like kids? I’ve heard so many say they don’t even know what it’s like to play.
I’ve been told this is impossible, but what if Colin were to go into these neighborhoods, clear a lot and play football with any kids hanging around? Probably wouldn’t take long before there’d be thousands lined up to play, which would mean they’d have to find more lots to clear. Great job for the kids, they’d get a purpose, take teamwork and the payoff would be they get to play football with a pro. And then it could spill over and they be encouraged to clean up their neighborhoods and as a result Nike could provide sneakers and jerseys to be signed and given them for their work. I know it’s by no means that simple, but something along these lines are a step in the right direction.
How? You asked if I’d ever been discriminated against.
I was born in Gallup New Mexico, the capital of the Navajo Indian Resrvation. My grandfather ran very successful trading posts given his respectful dealings with his Indian customers. They called him Hastin and he spoke both Navajo and Hopi. We moved to Wyoming when I was young, but went back often for holidays, weddings and funerals, so I know oppression. Living where I do in Wyoming, I’ve driven across the Crow Indian Resrvation just over the border into Montana countless times. Once again, I know oppression. How do I know? I’m also 1/8th Cherokee on my mother’s side. These are my people and it cuts to the bone to see the injustices they’ve indured and continue to indure, but who’s going to bat for them? How many professional athletes do you see with a name like Running Bear on the back taking a knee in protest of the injustices they indure? Rather what’s being done and there are times when it seems hopeless is people like me are using our resources and time to educate them. Knowledge is power, it lifts the bleakest out of the gutter and puts them on a path to live a wholesome life. This approach takes longer, requires your time and doesn’t always end like you hope it would, but it plants the send of awareness for our kids in what is a proactive approach to problem solving. And I rest my case
Erin Basford
I understand the reasoning behind his actions, but he should have put more thought into his approach. Simply put, he is being insensitive and disrespectful to those who served (and continue to serve) our country. There are better ways to build awareness than disrespecting our hard-working veterans. He needs to be reminded that millions of individuals gave their lives fighting for the freedom he takes for granted each day. I can think of more worthy individuals that NIKE should be featuring. Now, to answer the initial question...I think it's important to teach children to view both sides of the debate. It teaches them empathy and compassion while exposing them to real world issues.
Mike Prochaska
@stacyrobberts I send everyday working with kids at head start who don’t know how to play. I love your comment you should turn Into your own tip. Donna John
Stacey Roberts
That is so heartwarming! Those lucky little monsters, that’s a term of affection in our house.
Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds
Thank you for starting this discussion, Mike Prochaska . I really appreciate the way you are not afraid to share your views, and yet you are open to other perspectives as well. That’s what positive dialogue is all about: respecting each other’s views and sometimes agreeing to disagree. Thank you for encouraging others to share their perspectives as standalone tips. Better than heated debates, I think. That way, everyone gets their own forum to share their perspective!
Mike Prochaska
I just don’t want people to NOT be afraid to share there views even if I disagree Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds and I think the
More people share there views the more we understand there perspective even if we don’t agree. Then can agree to disagree but then get clear picture of there views

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