Let's Vote America! Every Vote Matters on Election Day & We Can Make a Difference by Mike Prochaska

3 years ago
Let's Vote America! Every Vote Matters on Election Day & We Can Make a Difference

Every day I read something about President Trump on Facebook and about how America needs to do something about all the crazy stuff he says or does. I am writing to remind Americans that the election is here. We need to vote, America!

Complaining and worrying won’t work. People need to get out and vote. Every vote matters to stand up against hate in this country and for what you believe in. As my dad would always say, you can’t complain unless you vote on Election Day.

You can’t vote on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. That won’t fix our country! Have your voice heard on November 3, 2020, and find your way to a voting booth on Election Day.

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Keith Sereduck
I would also add, for those who like the changes being made and like what the administration is doing, please dont take it for granted and get out there and vote to keep things progressing the way that they are.
Mike Prochaska
I agree with that too!
Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
YES! Thank you for this important reminder, Mike Prochaska !
Sheri B Doyle
I think that whatever side of the aisle you are on, or sitting in the middle it is so important to exercise our right to vote every time! It is a right many in this world don't have, we shouldn't take it for granted. We shouldn't find excuses, the people who have sacrificed for our right to vote deserve better.
Thanks for the remind Mike Prochaska

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