Sammy Sosa: Do You Think the Baseball Legend Should Be Brought Back Into the Cubs Family? by Mike Prochaska

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3 years ago
Sammy Sosa: Do You Think the Baseball Legend Should Be Brought Back Into the Cubs Family?

I'm on the fence about Sammy Sosa being brought back into the Cubs family because I have zero sympathy for any athlete who uses performance-enhancing drugs. But I am a lifelong Cubs fan and know how great the numbers are that Sosa put up.

He did lift up Major League Baseball when they needed it. The Sammy Sosa vs. McGwire battle for most home runs, to beat Roger Maris' home-run record of 61, saved baseball, in my opinion, and brought interest back to fans after the baseball strike. I think the Cubs should welcome him back to Wrigley because he will always be a fan favorite. I believe that Sosa made hundreds of people interested in baseball and myself into a Cubs fans. I still remember how he would entertain the fans as he would run out onto the field doing his signature wave and finger kiss.

I would not vote him into the Hall of Fame. Considering Sosa's PED usage and the bad message that sends to kids I don't think Sosa, McGwire, Bonds, etc., should ever be voted in. I do still think the Cubs organization needs closure with the Sosa issue and should welcome him back with a simple gesture of forgiveness considering all he did for the organization.

In my opinion, even though Sosa made mistakes, he should be invited back to the Cubs organization like other great legends have been. 

What do you think?  

Watch these interview with Sammy Sosa from NBC Sports.

Photo: Sammy Sosa Facebook

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Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
I'm a huge Cubs fan, too, so this is a tough one for me. He is an amazing guy, but I don't know if he should be back on the team. Although, I could see being suspended and then coming back. So, I'm kind of conflicted! What does everyone else think?? Mike Prochaska Donna John Ann Marie Gardinier Halstead Renee Herren Chef Gigi Gaggero Pamela Swenson Keith Sereduck Michael Kennedy Rick St. Peter Rick Peter
Mike Prochaska
I think he should be an cubs ambassador And welcomed back to cubs family now that cubs won it all in 2016 but I Jusr watched his interview on ESPN were he said he should get a statue and compared himself to mt cubs I don’t lnow anymore.
Keith Sereduck
Back into the cubs family? Definitely. He and McGwire literally saved the game of baseball. Hall of fame, probably not. Honestly of all the "banned" players I think the only one who should be let in is Pete Rose. He deserves it. He served his penance and he didn't "cheat."
Mike Prochaska
No way hall of fame but yes he should be welcomed back to cubs family I beleive. HOF no. Statue at wrigley no
Keith Sereduck
Definitely no statue. Unless it's just a giant corked bat lol
Mike Prochaska
I still think mlb knew about corked bats. Just my gut feeling
Jeff Jackson
I was a Big Red Machine fan back in the day and I agree with the vote for Pete Rose. As for Sosa, I think it would be good to welcome him back into the Cubs family and possibly even into the HOF... the statue idea is probably a bit much, imho... now, I'm a Yankees fan living just north of NYC and I can think of a guy who used PED but was suspended for a year and then came back, Arod, of course, a great player and I think he deserves the HOF, too...
Patti Lucia
No! On tv he shows himself as a great fun loving guy. Off camera is another story. After the games kids would chase his car down for autographs, he would let them catch up just to take off and leave the little kids in his dust. Plus he cheated and then walked out on his team
Mike Prochaska
I had no idea of the car thing
Of course! Let's give him a chance, he deserves it
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