Teaching Preschoolers to Read: Here's How I Taught My Kids to Read at Ages 3 & 4! by Alice V

3 years ago
Teaching Preschoolers to Read: Here's How I Taught My Kids to Read at Ages 3 & 4!

Everyone knows reading is fundamental and important. As a parent, I want to ensure my kids are ahead of the game, so when they started to show signs that they were ready to read, I jumped into research mode. Here's how I taught my 3- and 4-year-old to read:

  • Know the alphabet. This is step one and there's lots of books out there on the alphabet. We used potty-training time to go over the alphabet. 
  • Sound it out. Once your child knows their alphabet, you can teach them the sounds each letter makes. I associate each letter and sound with a word or sentence so they know how it's used.
  • Start slow. Reading is a lot harder than you think. It's even harder for little ones that are totally new to the game. Start out with one- or two-letter words and work your way up. Flash cards can work. I made a bingo game.
  • Read a book. It's no secret, part of the reason why my kids learned to read early is because I invested in a set of BOB Books. They're super simple and made especially for this stage of early reading.
  • Invest patience and time. There's going to be moments when your child forgets a word they know. You'll both get discouraged. Just keep going and stay positive.

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Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
Very impressive, Alice V . So appreciate you sharing how you did this. Way to go!
Mike Prochaska
We love bob books In our house. I would recommend them for anyone learning to read

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