Animation Careers: 4 Ways Parents Can Encourage a Career in Animation by Alex Bryant

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5 years ago

Animation Careers: 4 Ways Parents Can Encourage a Career in Animation

Is your child interested in animation? Animator Marisa Tontaveetong shares four tips to get started:

  • Find them foundation drawing courses and workshops and get them access to classic go-to resources for animators such as the "Animator's Survival Kit" or similar basic animation principle tutorials on Youtube. Workshops are also a great way to help them make friends and learn about working as a team. 
  • Seek out free or low-cost professional software such as Blender for 3DKrita or Pencil2D, GameMaker for games. Animation apps, such as Stop Motion Maker on your mobile phone, are usually limited but only cost a few dollars.
  • Technology changes very fast and software upgrades in a flash. Encourage your kid to explore new technology and techniques in and out of their field. Explore and look for tutorials and activities to build skill sets in addition to animation, such as game builder or the idea of how AR/VR or motion capture works.
  • Find an animation organization such as ASIFA-SOUTH or join a Clubhouse Network in your area. Bring your kid to network at local mixers. Can't find an animation festival? Often, film festivals will have an animation-related panel or screening.

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Marisa Tontaveetong
Thank you 30 seconds for the write up, as additional resources that I've recently additionally further found, for a free 2D puppet animation program, try Dragonbones. It's free with base functions and very robust. For game animation and even tv animation, this is a good software to get your kids familiar with 2D puppet style animation.
Alex Bryant
Thank you so much for your generous knowledge for the 30 Seconds community, Marisa Tontaveetong !
I so want my kid to become an animator! Of course I’m biased but the stop motion videos he’s created already just makes my heart burst with pride!
Marisa Tontaveetong
That sounds awesome, would be great if there was a youtube link you can post it on :D Stopmotion is one of my favorite medium and very good for kids XD It's basically playing.
Great idea! I’m going to work on that!!!
Great idea! I’m going to work on that!!!
Alex Bryant
How's it been going so far?
Elisa Schmitz
This is wonderful! Both of my daughters are studying art in college, and one is considering animation. I really appreciate this great info, Marisa Tontaveetong and Alex Bryant !
Alex Bryant
Thank you for providing a platform to share Marisa's knowledge to benefit others.
Marisa Tontaveetong
Thanks Elisa, if you are on facebook and want to explore animation in vr as well that is a current and interesting trend, check out the "virtual animation" facebook group at to see some very innovative animation :D You can also look to see if your state/ country has a local asifa chapter as well.

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