Picture Perfect Photography: 10 Photo-Taking Tips From Award-Winning Photographer Rich Cruse by Alex Bryant

5 years ago

Picture Perfect Photography: 10 Photo-Taking Tips From Award-Winning Photographer Rich Cruse

In this day and age where most everyone has a camera in their phone, chances are, you have you been asked to take a photo for someone, or you are taking tons of photos for yourself. How to get that picture-perfect shot every time? Award-winning photographer Rich Cruse shares 10 ways to capture the perfect moment for you and your family: 

  • Make sure the lens is clean!
  • Make an effort to put the light source (sun or whatever) behind you, the photographer, so the light shines on your subject instead.
  • Use a flash in bright sun or low light to balance the overall lighting.
  • Get close to your subject!
  • When shooting portraits, try to keep the camera at the eye level of your subject or slightly above. You don’t want to shoot up their nose or have them look down on you.
  • Look for even lighting. You don’t want half the group in the sun and the other in shade. One or the other when possible.
  • Take multiple shots so you have several chances at getting the perfect one.
  • Try not to stop and look at each photo – stay in the moment.
  • Get creative when trying to get people to smile. Instead of “say cheese” try “say bananas.”
  • Never post unflattering photos of friends online!

Take a look at Rich Cruse's photography.

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Elisa Schmitz
Awesome tips! Today more than ever before, we are all photographers. These insights are very needed and appreciated. Thank you, Alex Bryant for sharing Rich Cruse 's great pointers!
Meredith Schneider
Oh my goodness, Rich Cruse this is so helpful! Thank you, Alex Bryant thanks for sharing with us. Will use these tips tomorrow at the beach in Florida with the family. :-)
Alex Bryant
How did your Florida trip go?
Nicole DeAvilla
Thanks! I recently learned "clean your lens" the hard way! :)
Alex Bryant
Oh no! Hope you're lens feel more appreciated now. When we know better, we do better.
Alex Bryant
He shared these tips with me years ago and they were so helpful as well as being considerate for others.

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