Compassionate Kids: 7 Ways Parents Can Help Teach Self-Worth & Compassion by Gloria Lintermans

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2 years ago
Compassionate Kids: 7 Ways Parents Can Help Teach Self-Worth & Compassion

If there’s ever a time we need to teach compassion to our kids, it’s now. The following actions can support the development of self-worth and compassion for children:

  • Help children to be independent and provide opportunities for them to control their own actions.
  • Find ways for children to experience success so they have more opportunities for achieving competence and feeling good about themselves.
  • Avoid reinforcing stereotypical ideas of what is appropriate play and instead encourage a diverse range of actives and skills for both boys and girls.
  • Offer opportunities for children to express their ideas and feelings.
  • Create ways for children to interact and play with other children and help them figure out strategies for getting along together.
  • Remember to express appreciation for special qualities and traits that children possess.
  • Help them develop new skills! Children need lots of opportunities to practice and try things out over and over.

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Sheri B Doyle
I love these tips! It is so important to help our kids have compassion and self worth in a society where things can be quite hurtful and mean sometimes.

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