Developing Critical Thinking Skills in Kids: How Children Learn to Problem Solve Through Play by Teacher Karen

2 years ago

Developing Critical Thinking Skills in Kids: How Children Learn to Problem Solve Through Play

Critical thinking skills are needed all the time – particularly when problem solving. When kids play they're given lots of opportunity to problem solve. How do puzzle pieces fit together? How's a stack of blocks balance? And when multiple kiddos are playing together, opportunities multiply.

Play is ideal when it’s child-led. That’s not to say there’s not a place for adults! Because play can turn into a stomping ground – literally – as children are learning to problem solve. Parents can help their children by giving them these basic steps for problem-solving situations.

  • Name the problem: Help your child to understand what they're feeling; naming emotions can go a long way in the problem-solving process.
  • Brainstorm ideas: Encourage your child to use their imagination for a solution.
  • Ask: “What would happen if…” The concept of fairness will come up if several kiddos are playing, giving you the chance to ask, "How would you feel?"
  • Test: When a “solution” is decided, let your kid try it out.
  • Reflect: Did it go as planned? If not, what could be done differently? If so, acknowledge it!

Parents help your children learn to solve their problems now and in the future!

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Elisa Schmitz
I think it's awesome that kids can learn through play! Your perspective is so refreshing, Teacher Karen !
Teacher Karen
I believe in the POWER of PLAY and believe children are capable of pretty much anything they set out to might take a lot of effort, time and patience but they can do it! (Witness my adult daughter (still) working towards HER child-set goal! After graduating from high school in '02 going to college, med/grad school, in residency, still coming fellowship, but she will do it)

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