Tetherball: Remember Playing This Fun Game As a Kid at Recess? by Mike Prochaska

Did you know that tetherball is starting to be banned on some playgrounds and at recess? I still remember grade school, and at recess there was a tetherball court on the playground. Five tetherball poles with enough space for everyone to play.

Tetherball is a game for two opposing players. While not officially recognized as a sport, it is generally an outdoor activity. The equipment consists of a metal pole and a volleyball hung from an attached rope. The two players stand on each side of the pole. Each player tries to hit the ball one way around the pole.

Every day at recess I would play tetherball. I remember swinging the ball as hard as I could around the pole and watching it fly while my friend tried to swing it around the pole the other way. Jumping in the air, trying to stop the ball and hitting it the other way. Sometimes the ball would hit you or the rope would wrap around your hand but that was part of the fun of the game!

Do your kids play tetherball? Watch this video to learn the rules of tetherball! This video is longer than 30 seconds, but we think it's worth it. 

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Donna John
Tetherball was one of my favorite things to play. We played at school, and my friend growing up next door had one in her backyard. So much fun! You're right, I rarely see these anymore at playgrounds. May have to buy one for my grandson! Mike Prochaska
Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
Loved tetherball! I also loved Zim Zam, which was a similar concept, but with a tennis ball and two racquets. You would hit it back and forth and whoever got the rope to the top first would win. So fun! We need more outdoor games like this, not fewer! Thanks for the great memory, Mike Prochaska !

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