Picky Eaters: Tips & Tricks to Get Your Kid Excited for Mealtime! by Matthew Jeckavitch

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4 years ago
Picky Eaters: Tips & Tricks to Get Your Kid Excited for Mealtime!

We’ve all been there: your kid refuses to eat what is placed in front of him and the next thing you know you are stuck in a rut of serving hot dogs or chicken nuggets. How can you break that vicious cycle? Many ways can remedy this situation:

  • Reintroducing foods gradually into mealtime. So little Johnny didn’t like green beans the first time but after the third time he says, “Green is my favorite color and now I like green beans.”
  • Talk with your children about foods that can make your teeth happy vs. foods that can make your teeth sad. They may surprise you on how much they know.
  • Allow your children to make choices about what they will be eating. Example: “Johnny, would you prefer an apple or a banana? Carrot sticks or celery sticks? Milk or water?” By allowing your child to make choices he feels in control of what he's are eating.
  • Sit down, eat and talk with your child. Allow the conversation to flow, whether it be about daily events or the meal itself, such as comparing and contrasting items on the plate. Let her know this is a time she can feel free to express what is on her mind.

In no time you will have a child who gets excited for mealtime!

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Donna John
Great tips, Matthew Jeckavitch ! Chef Gigi Gaggero , this one is right up your alley. Welcome to the tribe, Matthew!
Matthew Jeckavitch
Thank you! I am so thrilled to be such a part of this diverse community!! 😀
Donna John
And we are thrilled to have you!
Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
Awesome tip! Thank you for sharing, Matthew Jeckavitch . Welcome to our community of writers. Looking forward to learning and growing with you! :-)
Mike Prochaska
But I love chicken nuggets too!! Welcome to 30seconds Dad!

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