Starting a Website or Blog? Here Are Some Tips to Create Good Quality Content by Farhan Ahmed

3 years ago
Starting a Website or Blog? Here Are Some Tips to Create Good Quality Content

Quality content makes the difference between a good and bad website. Gone are the days when stuffing keywords and links into your homepage would raise your website’s rankings in the search engines. Now, with the massive increase in website creation and traffic, it is tempting to try and use these old tricks to make sure your site doesn’t get lost in the throng. Don’t.

SEO has changed, and the way in which we create content has changed with it. Information is king, so first you have to know that you are writing content for the readers, not for the search engine. So, never write something that doesn’t go with the topic.

For quality content, you should have specific words with no grammar mistakes and good images, because if you do not use good images in your content, it will get boring to the user. Use quality images for good quality content.

What are your tips and tricks for creating well-received content?

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Dieter Schmitz
How about learning from the amazing content and writing on 30Seconds ?!?
Mike Prochaska
That why we write at 30seconds!! We have. Great editor and can just write and
Not worry because you know the community will see your writing.. thanks Donna John for all your hard work! You are awesome
Donna John
Well, thank you, Mike Prochaska ! You made my day.
Terri Jones
Great suggestions! As a marketing writer, I have one more tip. Focus on the benefits you're providing your customers, rather than getting caught up in the features of your product or service. An excellent analogy I heard as a young writer: People don't really care about the drill; they're buying the hole it makes. :)
Very good advices! SEO is an importat knwoledge today. I'm trying to get into it at the moment, and all de SEO Professionals also say the same thing: Analyze your ideal custumer and make good content for them! Obviously is not that easy, but that's the objective we should figth for.

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