Navigating the Entertainment Industry With Kids: 9 Things About Show Business That I Know for Sure by Michael Kennedy

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6 years ago

Navigating the Entertainment Industry With Kids: 9 Things About Show Business That I Know for Sure

I have been blessed to have worked in show biz for over 25 years in areas that I have loved. I've been lucky to have worked on everything from the Oscars® to the “Kid’s Choice Awards” to creating my own shows. So, as opposed to us being a “non” screen family, we are "kind of" a screen family.

If there is a show that myself or friends have worked and it’s age appropriate, I watch shows with the kids, explain to them how things work and try to answer any questions, if warranted. I want them to know that show biz is indeed filled with talented people, but it takes dozens, sometimes hundreds, of people to realize a vision, support a musician, a tour, a show or a movie. Here are a few tidbits I have shared recently (I’m no expert, but here’s what I know):

  • Show business is a business.
  • Internet fame is just that … Internet fame. It’s not necessarily talent.
  • Reality TV is produced and written.
  • Every job in the credits is important.
  • Every job on a set is important.
  • Yes, Ellen really is that awesome.
  • Everyone begins their journey somewhere, so start now.
  • All great ideas came out of someone’s head once.
  • No matter how big the star or the stage, everyone uses the potty.

Now enjoy the show!

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Keith Sereduck
Here's what I've learned...without an agent, it's almost impossible to get anyone to listen to your awesome ideas lol.
Michael Kennedy
I've done a lot of DIY during my career, but you are right, having an agent can be very helpful.
Elisa Schmitz
Great insights into show biz, Michael Kennedy ! I know many parents who want to get their kids into the Hollywood scene. Thanks for passing on your experience!
Michael Kennedy
Thank you Elisa! Breaking kids into the Hollywood scene is definitely a interesting and longer tail topic, but since my kids are at shows and on sets periodically watching me work, or creating at home, I try to give them a grounded and realistic view of the industry as a whole :)
Ann Marie Patitucci
Thanks for sharing the inside scoop with us, Michael Kennedy ! Great info to share with kids interested in show business!
Michael Kennedy
Thank you Ann Marie! It can be a fun world if it just stays fun :) It's amazing to see what kids can create (and are creating) these days at such young ages.
Stephanie Mallory
"Everyone begins their journey somewhere, so start now." So true for any career and anyone!

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