Jaycee Memorial Park: This Old-School Park in Deerfield, Illinois, Is a Blast for Kids! by Mike Prochaska

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6 years ago

Jaycee Memorial Park: This Old-School Park in Deerfield, Illinois, Is a Blast for Kids!

One of my kids’ favorite parks is Jaycee Memorial Park in Deerfield, Ill. They love it even more now because there’s a small dog park next door. We now take our dog to play at the dog park and the kids can go play on the playground.

I love that this park has three types of equipment for different ages of children! I also love that they still have one of those old-school metal slides. Yes, you have to be careful in the summer to make sure it’s not too hot, but in the winter it’s awesome. The kids fly down the slide! The ice builds up on the slide to make it even faster!

My kids’ favorite part is that this park has an old-school zipline!! They can ride on a little seat across the playground equipment. It’s kind of like playing Indiana Jones and trying to get across the cliff. My kids don’t get it, but I say it to them every time we go.

Jaycee Memorial Park also has those old-school spring ride-on toys, and it has one that three kids can go on at the same time. Last summer the boys were on it non-stop. The park has classic swings that my kids always enjoy, too.

We love Jaycee Memorial Park. If you’re in the area of Deerfield, Ill., you should come check it out. They don’t make parks like this anymore!

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Elisa Schmitz
How awesome is this? Love all the descriptions and photos, Mike Prochaska ! What a fun park!

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