"My Thoughts & Prayers": Why All the Controversy Over These 4 Words? by Matthew Lister

5 years ago

"My Thoughts & Prayers": Why All the Controversy Over These 4 Words?

After the recent school shootings, a lot of people have been making the statement about how hollow offering “thoughts and prayers” are to those who were victims or survivors. It has reached the level of being a controversy.

But I ask, what controversy?

I understand some people feel that “thoughts and prayers" may be hollow – almost like saying “I love you” to everyone and everything that we see or hear about. Pretty soon, “I love you” loses its significant because it does not seem sincere, nor even well-meaning.

But sometimes when I have nothing else to give or know the right words to say, “my thoughts and prayers” is all I have to give that indicates that I have some feelings of your situation. I do not have money to send, nor do I fully understand the pain that they are going through. But I feel empathy, compassion and feel a sense of pain because I know that could be any one of our loved ones at any time. So all I really have to give is my thoughts and prayers. 

I think about those shootings every day, and when I pray, I really do think about those victims and survivors. So I'm following through on what I am offering. It is all I have to offer, but at least I am sincere.

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Keith Sereduck
Well said. Look forward to hearing more of tour perspective on things.
Elisa Schmitz
I totally agree, Matthew Lister . So glad you shared this. I think people are objecting to it when they think it's insincere, or when action can be taken instead. But thoughts and prayers are truly always welcome, I think, when they are sent sincerely. So glad to have you sharing your perspectives with us!
Julio Caro
Thanks For Sharing......

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