Be Like Tom Brady: Never Be Afraid to Show Your Family How Much You Love Them by Keith Sereduck

2 years ago
Be Like Tom Brady: Never Be Afraid to Show Your Family How Much You Love Them

In today's society, disturbing is the new norm. It's almost impossible to escape. PoliticsShootings. Groundhogs making bad decisions. Honestly, I could use my entire 30 seconds just naming the many issues that plague and divide us. Equally disturbing is that I'm about to defend the indefensible: Tom Brady

I know, he's the GOAT, blah, blah, blah. He's OK. I've seen better. I'm a Giants fan; I can hate on him all I want. But, I digress; back to defending him. February 6, 2017, Brady was in the news for kissing his father on the lips. Chaos ensued. Now, while I've never done this, the guy loves his dad. They were celebrating. What's the issue? Grown men make grown choices.

February 2, 2018, he was back in the news again. This time, for kissing his son on the lips during his Facebook series Tom vs Time. Again, the world went crazy. THIS, I can speak to. 

I am the proud father of two boys, 8 and soon to be 6 years old. I kiss them on the lips every day. Sometimes it's a quick peck. Sometimes it includes a "mua" sound. Other times, it's a bunch of little ones that end up taking over their entire faces. There's nothing weird about it. Nothing strange. When I don't do it, they even call me out on it. It's what we do. Honestly, I'm dreading the day they don't want me to kiss them. The day they outgrow it. Outgrow me. I hope it never happens. I hope one day it'll be me and one or both of them, kissing on live television after they've just won the Super Bowl®.

Life's too short to hide the love you share for your kids, your family. Too many things can change too quickly. Show them how much you love them and don't worry about what people think. 

Be like Tom ... only play for the Giants.

Photo (main): Tom Brady Facebook

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Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
This is so awesome, Keith Sereduck ! I'm thrilled that you shared not only the Tom Brady stories (which I hadn't heard), but also your own perspective on this. Kissing family on the lips is a personal decision, and often a cultural thing, too. Families should do what works for them. Enough with the parent shaming. Thank you for this great insight!
Keith Sereduck
Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds I couldn't agree more. I think think the issue is often more with the people who take issue TO it.
Mike Prochaska
Of course.. I didn’t understand why this was even a story.! Life is short!! children grow up fast..
Tanya Kuzmanovic
in my family my brother and father kiss me, my husband and our kids on the lips -- it's the way we are and have always been - some people think it's weird - and that's fine by me!
Keith Sereduck
Now their getting on David Beckham about the same thing...unbelievable.

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