Your Best Self: 5 Reasons to Be the Best You Can Be at Work by Sheri B Doyle

6 years ago

Your Best Self: 5 Reasons to Be the Best You Can Be at Work

Some of us love our jobs; some of us don’t. If you’re one of the people who doesn't, I understand. I’ve been there. It is easy to be complacent, but what if you did something completely different, like tried to learn something new or be the best at your job, no matter how much you dislike it? Here are some of the things that happen when we strive to do our best:

  • We create positive feelings about ourselves because we are learning and growing. Learning new things also helps us avoid dementia and creates dopamine, which helps us to sleep better.
  • Working to do our best grows our pride and makes us happier in our jobs.
  • No matter what the job is, if we are striving to be the best the job will become more challenging and more rewarding as we feel we are meeting goals and achieving new things.
  • If we do our best people will start to notice. This can lead to promotions, raises or new job opportunities as our skill and knowledge levels increase.
  • By doing our best we are setting great examples for our children.

There is an amazing power in knowing you are doing the best you can. It is contagious. Inspire others by working toward your best self.

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You are so right, Sheri B Doyle . Thanks for the motivation! 👍
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Thanks for the pep talk. Ha. Happy Friday..

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