DIY Chicken Coops: What's the Scoop on the Backyard Chicken Coop? by Tiffany Zook

19 days ago
DIY Chicken Coops: What's the Scoop on the Backyard Chicken Coop?

In November, the hubs and I took the family to pick out eight feathered friends for a backyard flock. After borrowing books at the library about raising chicks, attending a free community workshop and browsing coop ideas on Pinterest, our plan was ready to hatch. 

My super-handy husband created our coop out of mainly recycled materials, scraps from old home improvement projects and a few trash-picked pallets. But there is one thing that was not discussed in the books or pinned on boards: chickens poop ... a lot!

Photo: Tiffany Zook's DIY chicken coop.

Free-ranging birds on a 50-acre ranch is one thing, but having a backyard flock means you will have poo on the shoe (and yard, swing set, porch). Our hens even sat on the patio chairs and did their business. 

Quickly realizing that we needed a solution, we created a spacious chicken run to reclaim our backyard, letting the ladies free range for two to three hours each night before they roost up in their cozy coop. The run is large, shaded and protects them from predators. 

Check with your municipality before you begin this process, and don't let the poop make you fly the coop! 

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Donna John
I have wanted to get chickens forever! Not sure if this is going to help my argument with my husband, Tiffany Zook ! lol Your husband did a great job on the coop. Love it!
Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
Say what?! This is amazing! I want chickens now, lol. Do you get fresh eggs from them? Thanks for sharing and enjoy those chickens, Tiffany Zook !
Tiffany Zook
Once the ladies are 6 months old, April we will have omelettes daily! Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds
Marge Jesberger
What comes first ? The chicken or the egg?
Mike Prochaska
My friends have them on the south west side of Chicago
Holly Budde
i always thought pretty chickens would be fun ! Not sure i can handle the work, but i’m willing 😂
Tiffany Zook
Our very first egg... and it’s twins!!!! Love my lady birds!

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