Reporter Dusty Baker Shares 4 Reasons Parents Should Encourage a Career in Journalism! by Alex Bryant

6 years ago

Reporter Dusty Baker Shares 4 Reasons Parents Should Encourage a Career in Journalism!

Is your child interested in a career in journalism? KRBC News' Dusty Baker shares four tips to get started: 

  • In a time where finding a job is rather difficult and career paths may be uncertain, journalism has the opportunity to open up numerous platforms and presents individuals with the opportunity to succeed when focusing on a specific area of their interest (sports, entertainment, etc.).
  • Its an ever-changing, but ever-growing, field. Financially, it won’t pay the bills incredibly well in the first few years of work. However, as time passes by and opportunities present themselves, the pay raise will come with experience and personal branding.
  • Your child has the opportunity to make a brand name for themselves. Instead of working a regular 9-5 job, they have an opportunity to develop creative content all while doing in their own style and choice. The opportunities are nearly endless!
  • If you are upset with how news coverage is at the moment, there is no greater chance to change that than for your child to make a difference in the industry. Journalism is so important in a time where there seems to be much more news than our country would hope exists. The industry offers your child the chance to make a positive difference.

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Elisa Schmitz
I love this! As a trained journalist, I couldn’t agree more. We need more true, credible journalists, in a day and age when anyone can have a blog and publish anything. True journalism is th enemy of “fake news.” Thank you for this great interview, Alex Bryant !
Alex Bryant
That means so much coming from you, Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds! Authentic journalism needs to set the standard. I am grateful to be surrounded be creditable journalists like Dusty, yourself and others who are prime examples of what journalism can be in our world.
Alex Bryant
Thanks Mike Prochaska ! I enjoy reading your interviews too. They bring so much wisdom and perspectives that are sometimes overlooked.

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