Embrace Your Inner Thin Mint While Being a Dad in the Girl Scout Cookie Mix by Michael Kennedy

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6 years ago

Embrace Your Inner Thin Mint While Being a Dad in the Girl Scout Cookie Mix

Being a dad of a Girl Scout has been a fun and rewarding experience from so many angles. Currently, however, cookie season is going down! Sure, the little ladies are learning the essentials marketing, promotion, money management, decision making, ethics and people skills, but selling is also a blast! Here are a few things that we do to keep things light and fun and up and down:

  • Coffee Down: A good cup of coffee is always highly recommended.
  • Engage Up: Whether it’s a sale or not, compliment people that walk buy. Challenge the girls and yourselves to make people smile regardless of the sale.
  • Costume Down: Wear the cookie costume if your troop has one. There’s no shame in my game, I was a college mascot.
  • Goal Up: Set manageable goals for the time that you are selling and make games out of them.
  • Music Up: Bring a tiny Bluetooth speaker and throw on some Kidz Bop. Dancing and singing your way through selling is fun!
  • Bonding Down: There is unique bond that takes place when you are with your Girl Scout out in the field. Whether you are standing in front of a store, going door to door or convincing Uncle Lou to buy a few boxes, being a "Tagalong" is quite a treat!

Happy selling!

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Elisa Schmitz
This is awesome, Michael Kennedy ! As a former Girl Scout leader, I am grateful for your enthusiasm and support of cookie sales and your Scout. Way to go, and thanks for the great tips!! 👍
Michael Kennedy
Thank you! It has been a blast being involved with the Girl Scouts!
Kristan Wager
I would have never sold any cookies if it weren't for my dad! I was so shy and he knew it, so he sold them like he was the best girl scout on the planet. :) I have always appreciated that.
Michael Kennedy
That's fabulous Kristan! I had quite a vacancy growing up, so I am trying to be the best dad I can be with my three. Stories like yours bring light to the end of the tunnel :)
Tiffany Zook
Love seeing Dads, not just in the wings,but upfront and center. Awesome!
Michael Kennedy
Thanks Tiffany, you rock! I am lucky to be friends (online and off) with groups of dads who want to be involved up front and center in their kid's lives :)
Pam McCormick
Love the spirit! P.S. Thin Mint cookies have and always will be my favorite!
Michael Kennedy
Thanks Pam! Lot's of fun! Big fan of the new S'mores
Fun Fact: Microwave the S'more cookie for 10 seconds and it tastes like a real S'more!

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