Condoms Are Everywhere at the Olympic Games: Here's 14 Things to Do With Them Besides the Obvious! by Mike Prochaska

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3 years ago
Condoms Are Everywhere at the Olympic Games: Here's 14 Things to Do With Them Besides the Obvious!

Can you guess what’s going to be all over the Olympic Village? Organizers of the Olympic Winter Games PyeongChang 2018™ are stockpiling condoms in the athlete’s village, according to Business Insider. Athletes at this year's games will be supplied with 110,000 condoms – that's over 37 per athlete for a two-week period. That's a lot of condoms! Either athletes will be having a lot of sex or there’s going to be condom balloons everywhere!

The 2018 Winter Olympics is breaking the condom record by having the largest number of condoms ever available. So, with all those condoms floating around the village here some other uses for condoms:

  1. Condoms can be used to store water (think water balloons).
  2. Waterproof your phone. Put your phone inside the condom to keep it dry.
  3. Open a jar you can’t get open.
  4. Use as socks if you forgot yours at home. 
  5. Science experiments.
  6. Waterproof a bandage.
  7. Make a cat toy.
  8. Wear on your hand to get something out of the toilet. 
  9. Make a slingshot.
  10. Start a fire.
  11. Wrap up a weapon. (Hope there no weapons there!)
  12. Use as a bobber for fishing.
  13. Make rubber bands.
  14. Throw at your friends.

Get even more ways to use condoms via MentalFloss!

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Mike Prochaska
Should Check out the pictures in article. I never would have thought to use as a Sock.

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